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From a Conference to an Expo, you name it and we will help you turn it into a full house event. Any event that is a must for your company's success will be our responsibility to arrange and get you the masses. The entire process includes locating the right target audience, sourcing, sending out invites, follow ups, making the payment process smooth and also help you cover post-event follow up. It is a time consuming activity but we help you attain that with utmost ease.

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Our Workflow

Telemarketing events converts your desired numbers into attendees through a step-by- step workflow.

Cinque Terre

Initial Reach Out

  •   Figure out the ideal event attendee
  •   First Contact using social media
  •   Promote the event
  •   Qualify leads
Cinque Terre

Registration & Payment

  •   Send invites
  •   Telemarketing calls
  •   Go through Sign-up process
  •   Confirm attendeesFinal Follow-up
Cinque Terre

Final Follow-up

  •   Follow up
  •   Confirm all details
  •   Review details
  •   Sending pre-event reminders
Cinque Terre

Post Event Follow-up

  •   Post-event feedback & rating
  •   Recommend other events

Benefits Of Choosing Us -

  •   Maximize your reach
  •   Spread the word around
  •   Be on every channel
  •   Maximize your promotion
  •   Get the best ROI on your promotion
  •   Develop lost lasting attendees that will be loyal for years to come
  •   Hassle free payment collection

We mobilize our resources and make your event a grand success. By partnering with us you can feel the difference in the number of people attending your conferences, trade shows, seminars and webinars. We are focused on making your event a grand success. Need a team that has worked in this field for over 16 years. Contact Telemarketing Events.